Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your studio hours?

Unfortuntately, the coronavirus pandemic has affected our studio hours dramatically and we are currently open by appointment only.  Please contact your artist directly via their contact info on our main page ( to inquire about availability.

2. How do I get to the studio?

Lunatic Tattoo is located in the upper portion of the Avenida del Sol business complex in Orchards, right next to Subway Restaurant on Gher Rd.  We're just south of Fourth  Plain and just north of the SR-500 on the west side of the road.  The address is 5620 NE Gher Rd., STE-B, Vancouver, WA
3. Do I have to make an appointment?

We are currently by appointment only.  If you'd like to inquire about a new tattoo idea, please check out our main page ( and contact your artist directly to make arrangements for a consultation or tattoo.
**UPDATE** -Due to our workload and being already 6+ months out with our current appointments, we have temporarily closed our books to any new clients or work. Please check back for updates or feel free to contact us directly (email is best) to inquire about openings. Thank you!-

4. How much are your tattoos?

Our minimum price is $100 and our hourly rate is $140-150/hour, depending on artist.  Tattooing is a visual art so it can be very difficult to quote a price over the telephone or email.  A tattoo price is based on how long it will take, which is generally determined by complexity, location on the body, as well as your ability to sit still...  An in-person consultation is always best.  Please contact us or your artist directly to make arrangements for a consultation or to get a rough estimate via email.
5. Do you do piercing?

No, we don't offer any piercing services or jewelry.

6. Can I bring in my own design?

Certainly. Although sometimes a design must be made 'tattoo-able'.  Not every design will transfer well into the skin and you may have to be willing to compromise a little.  As artists we prefer to do something original everytime, we can always customize a piece just for you.

7. Do you sell gift certificates?

Gift certificates are available in person, or can be mailed to you after a secure PayPal transaction (no PayPal account required, $5 processing fee).

8. How old do I have to be to get Tattooed?
18.  In Washington and Oregon it’s illegal to tattoo a minor.

9. Should I eat before I have work done?

YES!  Your body produces it's own natural painkillers to fight off the sensation of being tattooed.  This is a natural part of the 'fight or flight' mechanism when you're injured.  Food becomes the fuel your body uses to manufacture endorphins (painkillers) and adrenaline (major liquid energy).  So *yes, please*, eating a good meal about an hour or so before you come in definitely helps make getting tattooed a good experience.

10. Can I bring food with me to my appointment?

We need to keep food completely away from our work areas, although we do have a fridge and microwave in our break room to store lunches or snacks if necessary.

11. Can I take meds or have an alcoholic drink?
Talk to your physician if you are suffering from any ailment or are currently taking regular medication prior to getting a tattoo.  Being hung over makes getting a tattoo suck!  People who've even only had a few alcoholic beverages tend to bleed (and talk) much more than others, which can complicate your tattoo.  If you've tied one on, we're not interested in tattooing you.  Drunks don't usually want what they're asking for, they wobble, they bleed more and they're just more irritating . *($ which does affect price $)

12. Should I tip the artist?

We charge what we feel the work is worth, but tips are always a welcome way of showing appreciation for our efforts towards your permanent skin art.

13.  What methods of payment do you accept?

 Cash is King. We currently do not accept any sort of debit or credit, but there are several ATM's located close by.

14. Can my friends/family watch me get my work?
Currently we are unable to have a waiting area due to 'Phase-2' restrictions and can only have one person per artist in the studio at a time.

15.  Can I bring in my own music?

Yes, but we may not play it... Feel free to bring a device with headphones if you have a certain sound/video to get you in your tattoo time groove. Each station has a Roku television with Netflix, Amazon, and Disney+.

16.  Are you hiring? / Are you looking for an apprentice?
 Currently we have a full house and are not looking for an apprentice or additional artist.  If you're a professional tattoo artist and you want to talk shop, feel free to send Leif an email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Openings may become available and good impressions can last a long time.

17. Can I buy/Do you sell tattoo or piercing equipment?

No!  We are in the business of tattooing, not tattoo supplies.
18. Can I get tattooed while I'm pregnant or nursing?
Short answer: NO. The body goes into a pretty intense fight or flight response to being tattooed and the process can result in a miscarriage. Being tattooed while still nursing not only opens the body up to infection, but can cause hormonal changes that could affect the quality or overall production of milk.

19. What should I look for when choosing an artist or studio?

If you want a tattoo that will look good and be something that you can be happy with for the *rest of your physical life*, take the time to find the artist that will do the tattoo that's right for you.  The best way to do this is will be to find an artist whose portfolio and personality most closely matches the style of art or design that you are looking for.
Today disease is rampant.  Getting a tattoo involves breaking the skin, which exposes you to a whole mess of potential health issues.  Be sure that the environment your are in and the person performing the procedure have had training and present themselves in a professional manner.  Here are some good things to look out for:
The Artist:  A good tattoo artist should be willing to talk about their experience and show you a portfolio or examples of their previous work.  A clean appearance and professional demeanor will give you an idea of how the tattoo experience will be.  Filthy clothes and dirty hands should be a huge red flag and is something to be payed attention to.  A good artist should have no problem creating a custom design for you.  Don't settle for some hack who makes you provide the design and/or won't work with your regarding your ideas. Remember, this is *your* tattoo.
The Studio:  A good studio should be clean and well lit.  The condition of the bathroom (if available) can help give you an idea as to the cleanliness of a tattoo studio behind the scenes.  The work areas and waiting areas should be separate to help avoid cross contamination.  All of the areas should be void of debris and clutter.  If you see layers of filth on stuff, eye a rat scurry across the floor and/or notice your artist eat a hamburger on the same tray he/she plans to use to tattoo you away!  It's your life, not just a bad tattoo.

20. And the rest...

If your questions haven't been answered here, please give us a call or send us a message.  Thanks for checking us out!